Where to get the Flower Embroidery Hmong Outfit I Wore?

As you can see, I am a fan of cultural outfits whether it is the new American Style or the old traditional style. I think some of the outfits I’ve seen look really weird but at the same time they are very exotic because they are so different. I enjoy wearing them, I have a collection of my own thanks to my wonderful mother. I LOVE you mother! I know there are a lot of young Hmong people out there that do not like these kinds of outfits and do not enjoy wearing them but to me, the part of me that likes these things is what makes me remember that I am Hmong.

This outfit is my mother’s latest creation. You can see how it looks when worn by going on my link here: http://fashionphotoz.com/hmonggreenblackwithflowers/#more
If anyone is interested in buying an outfit let me know. My mother is selling them for $80.00 per set. It comes with the hat, shirt, and front piece of the skirt such as the picture below:

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