Fishnet Sweater

This is one of my everyday outfit. I liked this sweater a lot when I purchased it. I like the color and the fish net look of the sweater. I also love the cute cut on the sides. I’ve been waiting for a good day to wear it because it is sort of see-through and its been chilly. So far, the weather has been really beautiful so I was able to wear it. I hope everyone had a great day. Don’t forget to leave me comments. Thanks ;]

What I am wearing:
Sweater: Old Navy in cream/brown/white, Camisole: Old Navy in white lace, Pant: Forever 21 in dark wash, Booties: Reflection in dark brown, Hoop earings: Target in silver.

5 thoughts on “Fishnet Sweater

  1. Thanks Maggie. Which part of my blog do you want to reproduce exactly? And.,. no, I currently do not have a twitter account yet. I’m thinking about one though. :)

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