Hot Mamas

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My friends and I have been planning a photoshoot just for memories for the longest time. I think it has been two years and we finally did it this Saturday!!! Yay!!! We originally wanted to do an outdoor photoshoot but it didn’t work out. A lot of us are really busy with church and other things come up so yes, it took two years. We decided to just go to a 1 hr studio this time. I had a great day with these ladies, photoshoot then lunch (hotpot-like resturant) can’t even remember the name… but will definitely go there again. I look so tan in these photos and it might have something to do with my Santa Monica trip. Though I had an amazing time, it was not my day… a bad-hair day for me and the hot weather did not help. However, all the other hot mamas looked sexy as always! Here are my favorites… enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.
 photo 2013aug3_zpsa7d69830.jpg
 photo 2013aug8_zps5ed07dee.jpg
 photo 2013aug5_zpsa78f4310.jpg
Photography credit: Rainbow Studio

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