Jamee Plunging Maxi Dress

Hello everyone,

I’m so excited to share with all of you that I have partnered with tobi.com to share some of my favorite holiday dresses with you. Since Christmas is approaching, the first dress I will be sharing with you is a formal dress to wear to a formal Christmas event.

I love this dress! It’s so beautiful and is perfect to wear to a formal Christmas event. I chose this dress because when I think of formal events, I think of women in maxi dresses.  This dress has a very low cut in the front and has long strings for lacing in the back. There are many ways to lace the dress however, how I laced it is criss-cross in the back and then pulled to the front to tie in a bow.  It seems to hold up better for me.  The dress looks like a light gray color but it is actually a light blue color.  The one I am wearing is in a size M and it is actually a little big on me.  I would recommend following the sizing chart as it is and not go a up a size.

The quality of the dress is extremely good.  I would say it is worth the price.  The material is very good quality.  The dress is not see-through, there is a thick lining underneath.  In addition, the shipping process is pretty fast since the company is based in Los Angeles.  You will most likely receive your items within a week or less.

Whether you are attending a formal event or a casual event, tobi.com has all the perfect dresses.  Happy Holidays and happy shopping!! Stay tune for my next holiday dress on the blog.

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What I am wearing:
Tobi Dress | you can get yours here –> Jamee Plunging Maxi Dress
H&M Necklace | You can get yours here –> Necklace
eBay Bracelet | You can get yours here –> Bracelet

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Sheng copy

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