Red Tip Nails

I just got my nails done! This time, I felt like having red nails…I did’nt want too much red because this is a bright red color so I only painted the tips of my nails. What I had in mind originally was to show a pop of silver, however, I ended up just adding a little glitter in between the red and my natural nail color. The ending result…I HEART IT!!!

How to:
1. Paint only the tips of your nails with a red nail polish
2. Wait for it to dry
3. Using the clear silver glitter nail polish just brush a line between the red color and your natural nail color
4. Wait for it to dry
5. Coat your whole nail twice with a clear nail polish

What I am wearing:
Love My Nails in red, Wet “n” Wild 460C in silver glitter, N.Y.C. 138B in clear

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this product in anyway. The above is just my true opinion on this product.

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