SunUV 2.0 Nail Curing Lamp

Hello everyone,

Today I am reviewing this SUNUV 2.0 Nail Curing Lamp sponsored by SUNUV. This is one of their newest products. It is selling out fast!

This is how the item is packaged in it’s original box.


The package includes the dryer and a electrical plug, which is really easy to use. There are buttons on the top to dry for 99 seconds, 60 seconds, 30 seconds and 10 seconds. Once a button is pressed, a blue light comes on and you just stick your hand in there and wait for the timer to go off. When the timer goes off the blue lights will also go off. That is how you know it is done.


It is also very easy to use on kids.  Since the last time, I have ordered a few more colors on my own, to experience.  Here, my little niece asked for a red color with gold poke-a-dots and this is the results. Hahaha.. because aunty is not a professional and isn’t quite that good yet.

FullSizeRender 4(1)

Here, I have on a clear glitter color.  It looks much prettier in person and my nails changes to a red color when it is cold.

FullSizeRender 2(1)

Here, my sister has on a nude color which is a very popular color.

FullSizeRender 3(1)


When using gel nail polish, you need a gel top coat and a gel base coat. Below is a list of the gel polishes we used:

  1. gel base coat
  2. gel top coat
  3. red gel nail polish
  4. color changing nail polish
  5. gold gel nail polish
  6. nude gel nail polish

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