Two-Face Sweater

I love this sweater!!! I call it my Two-Face sweater because the back is different from the front. It is also short in front and long in the back. My house is always colder than it is outside so on days that I am just home I like to snuggle in a sweater and just add leggings. Beanie has been quite popular this fall so I just pulled this one on my way to dinner with my family.

 photo LR-2917_zps625d7244.jpg
What I am wearing:
Forever21 sweater
CharlotteRusse leggings
Dollhouse boots
Forever21 necklace
China purse
knit beanie (was a gift)
 photo LR-2915_zpsed743089.jpg
 photo LR-2919-2_zps218369ad.jpg
These shoes are not only adorable but super comfortable. They are my most worn shoes right now. I love that I can wear them all day and they are warm.
 photo Untitled-2_zpse0546d96.jpg

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