Weekend Vibes

Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing one of my mini-me’s fashion sense. She has her own style and comes up with her own stylish outfits on her own. She is definitely growing up too fast. Here, she wore a t-shirt as a dress and just added knee high boots. This outfit is perfect for going out with friends or in her case, going out with your mom :)

What I am wearing:
Oversize T-Shirt | similar here –>Oversize TShirt
Charlotte Russe Knee high boots | similar here–>Knee High Boots
China choker | similar here –>Choker
China bracelets | similar here –>Bracelets

IMG_5361 copy

IMG_5368 copy


2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes

  1. Megan looks beautiful. It’s amazing how she can make a simple T-shirt work. She also takes really good pictures and models her clothes and accessories very well. Great job Megan!

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